Intuitive Tarot Readings

Is there an area of your life that lacks clarity? Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Tarot is a mytical tool to help unlock a deep truth and shed a light of the dark corners of a situation.

You may want to know how to move forward or what to do next. The tarot is a way to explore your options and view possible outcomes. It serves to inspire, to give clarity and to empower YOU.


[ I am currently only offering readings via email. In person readings will open again soon. ]


Price: $50 AUD

You'll receive an in-depth reading via email, photo of the spread and be able to reply with 2 questions for further depth of the reading.

What I need from you

To get the most out of your reading, please send through:

  • A little bit about you: When I meet someone in person I can intuitively pick up on their energy. I am able to connect with them when I do a reading. Although energy connections have no bounds, I like to know a little about my clients before the reading so I can intuitively connect with them and their question. This allows me to give a more accurate and clearer reading.
  • Your question/situation/issue you'd like clarity on: The more detail you send here the better. E.g. If you ask "will I marry my partner?" it is very broad, and the reading you will get will be broad and general. If you are more specific and give context, I can draw more from the reading and as this is a detailed reading, I'd like to give you the most clarity I can. Note: Please stick to writing one question and then give detail on that question.
  • Date, time and place of birth (optional): This will allow me to view your natal birth chart and allow for an even more specificed reading.

Book Now

To book, email Lauren at hello@thestardustwoman.com